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Day Tank

Pryco Day Tanks now come in the New 34 Series (Pictured to the Right) and the original Pryco tank design. All Pryco Day Tanks are fabricated of heavy gauge steel by certified welders. Each tank is tested to 5 psi

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Pump Set

Pryco Pump Sets are high performance fuel system drivers. They are fully integrated, pre-plumbed and pre-wired for trouble-free, “connect and go” installation.

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Remote Fill Station

A lockable, weatherproof, NEMA 3R, dual-door enclosure designed to accommodate delivery truck curb-side filling of storage tank via hose connection. (See Option 230-22 under Electrical for further details.)

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Sub-Base Tanks

Pryco's Sub-base Tanks are designed specifically for generator set mounting. The physical size of each depends upon the foot print of the gen set and required capacity.

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What's New


New Product Launches at Pryco!!!

Our new Fuel Maintenance System (FMS) is an automated unit that is designed to remove contaminants from the fuel tank. By providing a fuel circuit around the daytank or subbase tank, non-combustibles such as dirt, water and rust will be removed resulting in less maintenance, better engine performance and an overall more reliable emergency generating system. 

Pryco Presents the New 34 Series Day Tank

Pryco is all about their customers!

The New 34 Series Day Tank has a new design that allows field PM’s to be performed quickly and pass a cost savings on to the customer.

Pryco’s continued commitment to quality runs parallel with our customer’s needs.

Our tanks are built according to the customers specifications not by an assembly-line manufacturing process.

The New 34 Series boasts:

  • Indoor/Outdoor--The New 34 Series Day Tank can be used as indoor or outdoor applications. No more separate tanks- simply relocate your tank to any location required.
  • Leak Proof- The bygone days of paper gaskets have been replaced with Buna O-rings therefore eliminating possible leaks.
  • Cover Re-Design- The new design allows for easy accessibility to the controls and motors. All of the electrical can be removed in one easy step. Field maintenance and upgrades are quickly accomplished therefore providing our customers with additional savings.
  • Colors- Many colors are available, some of which are specific to customer branding such as Onan Green, Cat Yellow and Kohler Beige to name a few.

We offer IDEC PLC Components and Smart Screens

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a programmable microprocessor based device that is used to control mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment in various environments. The PLC can be paired  with a Smart Touch LCD Screen. The Smart Touch LCD Screen can function as a standalone controller or communicate with IDEC PLC components. The Smart Touch LCD Screen ranges in size from 4.6" to 12.1". 

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