.                                ELECTRICAL CONDUIT STUB-UP AREA

A Stub-Up Area is a vertical rectangular "hole" completely through a sub-base
tank to provide for the feeding of electrical conduit up to the generator from
beneath the tank.

Typically, an optional conduit stub-up area is located the full width of the
generator end.  However, it may be a two-sided area in a corner of the tank, a
three side cut-out against the tank walls, or it may be a four-sided "island" located
anywhere within the inner tank shell walls.   

A stub-up in a double wall sub-base tank is also “double walled”.  

The end of a stub-up area is normally "fixed", i.e., a welded integral part of the
tank.  However, option #534,
"Bolt-On" end for stub-up, allows for the unbolting
and removal of the end wall of the stub-up in order to slip the tank horizontally
past the electrical conduit.  The removed end is re-attached when the gen-set is in
"Full Back" Stub-Up Area
Two-Sided "Corner" Stub-Up Area
Three-Sided "Side-Rail" Stub-Up Area
Four-Sided "Island" Stub-Up Area

S/U Areas Definitions

1 - The beginning Reference Point for all S/U areas are referenced from the front side (the one closest
to the radiator-end of the gen-set for its beginning "
X" dimension, and right or left of the tank's center line
for its beginning "
Y" dimension.  In the above Placement layouts, the yellow boxes indicate "Left Side"
S/U openings and the grey are "
Right Side".

2 - The
Size of the opening is also needed - Length or the distance from reference point to back, and
Width or the distance across the front (side to side).

Location/Size of S/U Areas

Two-Sided - The Reference Point is not necessary since the "X" point can be located from the rear of
the tank and the "Y" point will always be located at the side rail..  Only the opening
Size and the Right or
side placement are needed.

Three-Sided - The Reference-Point "X" dimension is required to indicate where along the right/left
side rail the opening begins.  The
Size and the Right or Left side placement are also needed.

Four-Sided - Both the Reference-Point "X" and "Y" dimensions are required to indicate where in
the middle of the tank the opening begins.  The
Size and the Right or Left side placement are also

"Full Back" - Only the S/U "X" dimension is needed or How long should the full back S/U area be?