.                              HOW TO ORDER A SUB-BASE TANK

It’s easy - just tell us your gen-set make and model, size in gallon capacity
needed, and any options you want.

Our proprietary computer software, referring to our extensive gen-set "footprint"
database, determines physical footprint dimensions and other requirements of
your gen-set.  (Custom designs are also available.)

A priced quote and a drawing of three view of the tank is then developed and sent
to you for review and approval.

NOTE - U/L Listed sub-base tanks cannot exceed 30" in height.  If the  gallon
capacity required pushes the tank height beyond the U/L limit or by a maximum
height that you require, the tank width (or sometimes the tank length) is expanded
until all size parameters are attained.  If the sub-base tank is wider than the gen-
set footprint,
Mounting Rails, option #533, will be added.