Heavy Gauge Steel - 7-gauge steel for the top and side channels.  Standard 12-
gauge for bottom, ends, and internal baffles; however, optionally,  7-gauge may
be specified throughout.  Also, stainless steel is a great solution for a corrosive
environment problem.

Internal Structural Baffles  - located every mounting point and no more than 24
inches apart. These baffles contribute to the overall strength of the tank but allow
free flow of fuel.

Hot/Cold Baffles - this baffle is located between the engine-supply and the fuel
return ports.  Its purpose is to separate the hotter returned fuel from the cooler
supply fuel thus improving engine performance.

Drain - 3/8” in tanks up to 200 gallons and 1” in 200+ gallon tanks.  Double wall
tanks have a drain for both containment areas — the inner tank drain is “hard-
plumbed” through the outer area.

Connections - (1 ea.) 1½” for fuel level gauge; (2 ea.) 2” NPT for lockable fill cap
and for vent; (2 ea.) ½” for engine suction and for engine return; and (1 ea.) extra
1” opening for option, etc.  Note these connections are located on either or both
side(s) depending upon gen-set and your specifications.

Welded by  Certified Welders and  Supervisor tested to 5psi.

Finish - Primer and choice of industrial color enamel.