A Basic 75 gallon, U/L Listed, double walled, sub-base
tank with a stub-up area.  It is on its side to get a
better view of connection ports.  The two rails running
the length are mounting rails (Option 533) for gen-sets
not as wide as the sub-base tank.  Also shown at the
end of the tank extending into the double wall area
(inside the stub-up area), is a secondary containment
leak detector (Option 509RB).
A Custom Single Wall Sub-base Tank with vent and fill
caps in place.  The square enclosure is where level
sensors are located.  The sensors my be for high and
low level alarms and switches.   Also seen here are
support brackets located at each gen-set mounting
point.  These support brackets are within the secondary
containment area of a double wall sub-base tank.
Pryco's Sub-base Tanks are designed specifically for generator set mounting.  The physical
size of each depends upon the foot print of the gen set and required capacity.  Sub-base
Tanks are available in a Basic or a Custom design:   

Basic Sub-base tanks will always have a closed-top, double wall Secondary Containment
area.   This group of tanks may be U/L Listed if it constructed within the U/L Listing
requirements of
U/L Label #142, File #MH17469.  A Basic sub-base tank may be fitted
with any options except a 200% rupture basin or any option that would violate the
provisions of the U/L label cite above.  

Custom Sub-base tanks may be of single-wall construction or be designed with a Secondary
Containment area (an open-top Rupture Basin or a  Double Wall).  These tanks may also be
U/L Listed as above if the design fits within the U/L Label provisions.  A Custom sub-base
tank may be fitted with any options including a 200% rupture basin except any that would
violate the provisions of its U/L label.  

All sub-base tanks comply with
NFPA 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code and
NFPA 110, Standard or Emergency and Standby Power Systems.  When the secondary
container double wall  is added, the tank also complies with
NFPA 37 - Standard for
Installation and Use of Stationary Combustible Engine and Gas Turbine
.  Since Sub-base
tanks differ depending upon factors such as gen-set model, capacity (number of gallons), and
any physical limitation you might have,

Please consult factory for dimensions and pricing
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