PYPS1000 Series
Floor or Skid Mounted Pump Set
  PYPS2000 Series
Pump Set
Pryco Pump Sets are high performance fuel system drivers.  They are fully
integrated, pre-plumbed and pre-wired for trouble-free, “connect and go” installation.  
We offer a wide range of configurations that will fulfill your requirements.  They are
intended to transfer #2 fuel oil within an emergency generator system or oil burners.

The following configurations are available:

Model #
PYPS1000 series — Open Design series — the components are mounted
on a bracket with a drip pan that may be placed directly on the floor

Model #
PYPS2000 series — “Enclosed Design” series — the components of the
this design are mounted on a back-plate that is placed within an optional NEMA-1 or
NEMA-3R enclosure (Option #338).  The enclosure may be  ordered with optional
legs for floor installation.  

Model #
PYPS3000 series — “Custom Design” series — for special requirements
Pump set accessories generally parallel those of a
day tank.  
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are most often chosen for pump sets.  

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Also, if more pumping capacity or greater power is
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Pump/Motor Sizing
For commercial and industrial reliability, we use positive displacement, self-lubricating, rotary gear pumps with
stainless steel shafts.  We offer an assortment of models of pumps ranging from 2 GPM up to 40 GPM.  (
here to see our pump selection.)  These pumps are close coupled to a motor chosen to match your flow rate
and other specific requirements (refer to
Pump/Motor Sizing chart).  

A single 2-GPM pump and 1/3 HP motor (and related controls) are standard with all pump sets (“PYPS”)  
configurations.  Optionally available are duplex and triplex pumps/motors (even a quadplex in custom designs)
with lead/lag switching and sequencing.  All configurations have common intake and output ports.

The control system receives fuel level signals from our standard remote float switch design.  Or, you may
optionally choose our Fuel Control and Monitoring (FCM) system.  Both control systems are housed in a NEMA-
3R rated enclosure.  

Depending upon your requirements, the pump set may be housed within an optional  NEMA-1 or NEMA-3R
rated enclosure (Click here for Pump Set Enclosures.)  
  • Fully Factory Assembled
  • Heavy Gauge Steel throughout
  • 2 GPM Pump & 1/3 HP Motor (same as day
  • High Pressure, Crimp Hose connections for
    easy maintenance
  • Drip Pan with ½ ” Drain Plug Port
  • Priming Tee on intake (#312)
  • 3” Formed Channel Legs on Pad Floor
    (PYPS1000) designs
  • Common Ports - Suction & Discharge  (Size:
    ½”,  1”,  1¼”, 1½”, and 2”)  
  • Interface with Tank Control Circuits
  • Gray or Industrial Color Paint