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There comes a time when parts wear out and need replacement.  This page will guide you
through the process of identifying what part matches your product (tank, pump set, or certain

To find the part to be replaced, start by determining the serial number of the product.  This will
help us ensure the part you need matches the configuration of the product that was actually
Click here to find the location of our serial number tag labels.

Next, located the part in the lists on subsequent pages using the part pictures.  If found,  note
its part number.  Our part numbers are listed next to the part in
Maroon.  If you could not find
the part in these lists, we most likely will know what is required using the serial number.

Once identified,  a phone call to us (217-364-4467) will have the part sent to you as quickly as
possible (if it is an item in our stock, it will most likely ship the same day).
Contactors, Motor Starter
Control Transformers,
Relays & Sockets
Circuit Breakers
Fuel Level Sensors
Fuel Level Gauges
Lights and Switches
Pump / Motor Lovejoy
Bronze & Cast Iron
Manual Hand Pumps
Solenoid Valves &
Motorized Ball Valves