The EVOLUTION is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based system designed to control and
monitor the activities of up to four pumps and motors of a Pryco fuel supply system.  A color touch
screen displays system functional status, alarm conditions, and historical logs.  The Evolution PLC
provides operational control of the overall fuel system.

An ultra-sonic sensor accurately determines the level of the fuel in the tank.  Electronic “action levels”
settings control the activities of pumps and motors (supply and reverse flow), and initiate signals for
a full compliment of alarm conditions activating a common external alarm, light, or similar device.

Using licensed software,
WindSRV (TM),  it possible to link your OPC (object linking of devices for
process control) or DDE (older version of OPC) compliant Windows
(TM) - based software to any
IDEC programmable logic controller.  This link may use an optional built-in RS232 or RS485 serial
interface adapters, or longer range Ethernet networking.

That means any industrial HMI*, SCADA, general data acquisition, MES, or ERP  will connect through
WindSRV to Evolution system.  All you have to do is install the server software on your PC running
Windows, and you have a low-cost data acquisition and monitoring system using your own computer
and the Evolution PLC.

The basic PLC portion of the Evolution system is made up of a power supply module, an ultra-sonic
sensor mentioned above, and a logic controller that controls and processes incoming data and
initiates pump motor activities and alarms as necessary.  A graphical, color LCD Touch-Screen
provides an Operator Interface Terminal.

Depending upon the requirements of the fuel system design, an optional communications module
and/or an optional (additional) I/O  module may be added.

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